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Thick Plate/3D Silicone Heat Transfer VS Ordinary Heat Transfer
- Feb 28, 2018 -

The biggest difference between  thick plate heat transfer and  regular one is that the thickness, like the same foundation, is easier to pour than a low floor when it comes to typhoons or other special problems.Thick plate heat transfer and ordinary heat transfer use the same glue, adhesion fastness is same, but because the thickness is thicker, and water wash is not as good as ordinary heat transfer.

Thick plate heat transfer: adopt the whole set of compound ink, a three-dimensional sense of strong, can also according to the demand for different thickness and color, design is neat, similar cutting process, the soft, top thickness of 1 mm.Widely used in various clothing, LOGO and other industries.

3D silicone heat transfer: good elasticity, good stretch, good resetting effect, soft feel, and good water wash (washable 4-5 level);It can be used for washing water mark products. It is widely used in various industries such as clothing and LOGO.