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The Difference Between Heat Transfer And Digital Print
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Heat transfer is a new printing process that has been passed from abroad for more than 30years.The process of printing way and transfer printing film processing divides into two parts, using network printing, printing film pattern will be printed on thin film surface in advance, printing the design level of rich, colourful, small chromatism, good reproducibility, can meet the requirements of design patterns is effect, and is suitable for mass production.Heat transfer printing machine by pyrograph time processing (pressurized heating) will be fine pattern on the printing film transfer printing on the product surface, the surface layer and the printing ink after molding product dissolve into an organic whole, life like beautiful, greatly enhance the grade of the product.However, due to the high technology content, many materials need to be imported.One of the more important things than a pyrographic technique is digital printing.

Digital quick printing is a systematic project, involving CAD technology, network communication technology, precision machining technology and cutting-edge technology such as fine chemical technology, information technology and traditional technology such as machinery, textile and chemical industry integration of the product.Traditional printing since no matter use flat screen, rotary screen is inseparable from the network, plate making cost and time consumed, however, no matter how to also cannot meet the modern printing trend of small batch and many varieties, thus to develop digital printing no version, no pressure.The basic principle is the same as the inkjet printer.