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How Much Temperature Of The Heat Transfer
- Mar 22, 2018 -

How much temperature of  the  heat transfer?

There are many kinds of heat transfer printing, using high temperature glue, low temperature glue, medium temperature glue.

Low temperature: 130 degrees below, medium temperature: 130-175  , high temperature: 175 or above.

So how do you decide what kind of glue is used in heat transfer product?

The solution to the common problems of clothing and stamping products.

1. What's the matter with the cloth after the hot stamping?

Answer: in general, it is related to the perm condition, please use the operation manual according to the drawing, adjust the temperature, time, pressure and other factors.

2. Hot stamping on the leather upper, after a period of scald the wrinkle is what problem, how to solve?

A: some pyrograph hot on the part of the leather, the placement of over a period of time, pyrograph will wrinkle, fall off, this problem is mainly fabrics contained a large amount of plasticizer, long time accumulation of plasticizer can float on the surface, thus with the solvent of pyrograph produces chemical reaction, cause pyrograph fall off.In order to prevent falling off, it is necessary to solve the problem from the process of pyrography, use the solvent free glue, and use the powder spraying process, so that the plasticizer can not react with the solvent, so as to prevent the effect of the scald.

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