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Hot Peeling Heat Transfer Bubble Problem
- Mar 21, 2018 -

Heat transfer printing is very good at the requirements of temperature, pressure and speed, and a series of problems will arise when there is a slight deviation.The biggest problem is bubbling.

As for bubbling, the first thing you can think of is temperature, and the temperature is usually the key factor of bubbles.Too high a temperature can burn a hot plate, also produce a certain bubble.If the temperature is a little higher, the bubbles on the scald will appear.However, if the temperature is too low, the glue that produces the scald film is not completely melted, resulting in the reduction of the fastness and paste of the scald.Therefore, we generally control the temperature to about 120 degrees, which is obviously an end to the blister phenomenon.

With pyrograph pressure problem, this is the hardest thing to control, because of the pressure control of general machine won't have pressure readings show that this can only be completely by personal feeling and experience to complete the test and operation.In general, we need to be moderate to pressure, because the pressure is too high to press the grain of the material, and too small will make it infirm.In a word, pressure is also the key factor that affects our painting. For the foaming process, the pressure is moderate, and the bubbles almost disappear.

The last is the time of hot stamping, this is a key point, generally we control at about 6-8  s, short time will be hot stamping unstable problem, time long blister problems will occur.Therefore, it is also the most important to grasp the time, we can not have the slightest slack.As long as we can be patient and careful to adjust, it will be completely different.