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Our company own a garden type workshop with the occupying area of more than 8000 square meters and total area reaches more than 18 thousand square meters. All the time , our company has been insisting on improving and optimizing this transfer printing line by developing and designing new products and by business innovation . Also , we spent more to improve the production capacity.

About HengSheng

HengSheng Transfers Printing company ---PuJiang Hengsheng Textile co.,LTD is one of the earliest large-scare company in the transfer printing line in China.Our company established in 1994 with the pemit of self import & export.Our capacity is more than 50000 PCS eac.

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The Concept Of Transfer Printing

The Concept Of Transfer Printing‚ÄčThe pigment or dye is printed on paper, rubber or other carriers, and then transferred to the merchandise to be printed on the transfer printing, but in the narrow sense,